Monday, November 29, 2010


I would like to keep a few chickens on the farm, maybe just enough for the two of us or maybe as many as 25 to have enough eggs to sell to attract people to the farm to buy our excess vegetables. But there is a problem. We don't intend to live at the farm and it is 15 miles from where we live in town. That means that I must either 1) go to the farm every day to care for the chickens, 2) design systems that will care for the chickens well enough that I can be absent for 2-3 days, 3) get a renter in the house who would be willing to help care for the chickens in exchange for a portion of the eggs or 4) get friends from town who would be willing to visit the farm one day a week for a share of the eggs. I'm still mulling this over.

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