Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rototilled Today

I went to the farm today intending to set out 75 strawberry plants I received recently from Raintree Nursery. As I was looking over the area where I intended to plant them, I noticed a lot of grass coming up in the soil I had last tilled in early December. I sure would like to take another whack at that grass before setting out the plants. So I started up the tiller to see how it would do. We had an inch of rain yesterday, so I wasn't very hopeful. Voila! the soil tilled nicely. It is mostly sand with lots of Cedar Grove compost worked in. It tilled very nicely.

So I went on and tilled the entire garden (1/4 acre). Only the very lowest 2 ft were a bit wet for tilling.

Then it started raining again -- hard. So I will delay planting another day. I have 25 plants each of three Varieties: Tri-star, Shucksan, and Benton. I planted Shuksan two years ago at the house and liked it a lot.

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  1. Can't wait to taste some of those berries, Dean!